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  Welcome to the 360 Business Bootcamp - Make sure you read this first

Welcome to the class that's going to surely change your life for the better.

The Women’s Wealth Bootcamp was designed to be a low-cost, high-quality alternative to allow for a culturally-relevant business accountability program for those seeking to enhance economic development within the African American community.

The course is designed to teach you the fundamentals for building and running your own business, growing your brand, and also generating wealth for your family over multiple generations.

Congratulations on joining the bootcamp, we Iook forward to interacting with you in class.

Your fellow warriors will meet every Sunday at 7pm am EST via webinar for class sessions with me. This is going to always be the time of our Sunday meetings, unless I explicitly state otherwise. Also, office hours for Q&A with me will occur every Thursday night at 8 pm EST.

You can also join our private Facebook group by submitting a request at this link:

Give the Operations Manager a couple of days to check your name against the list of enrolled students, and she will let you in. If you are not in the group within 48 hours, please send an email to and give her your full name and the name you use for your Facebook profile so she can match the two.

Until then, welcome once again. I look forward to teaching you. You are part of a very proud tradition.


Dwayne Jackson

Dean, The Business Boot Camp 360